Painful Love

Why does it hurt? Why does it scream?
At times it feels so good to live this dream
I love you I yell
Your body images just say hell
You make me sad
yet to see you smile makes me glad
At times I hate living this scene
Why must you be so mean
This pain hurts why cant you see
Your the only one 4 me

by Samantha Gibson

Comments (4)

omeg! ! ! it's like somuch better then my work!
Hi Samantha, your poems take me back to my youth when the pain of love was excrutiating... keep on writing, for poetry is a healing in its own right: -)) Love and hugs, xxPenny
I have an unpainful love for this poem! ! Hell, who am I kidd'n I have a love for all of your poems.Live long and keep writing Samantha. Peace, Alan
A great poem Samantha...keep it up: -) AA