Painful Night

A very painful night lying in bed
all alone unable to sleep.
My heart aches so fiercely
I can feel it swelling in pain,
I long so very hard to
just hold you so tight next to me.
Hearing you breathe and tell you
I love you as you're both awake and asleep.

A painful night of deep aching unrelenting,
I love you sweet Kira and I just want to
hold you so tight while you hold me too.
On this painful night please feel
all the true warmth and love I have
and am sending to you.
Feel my arms wrapped around you
holding you close with the sweetest kisses
of true love you can imagine and want.

I love you sweet lady and miss you so much,
every day and night without you
is a truly painful one.

by Michael P. McParland

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