Painful Things

You said you like me and i believe in you
You want me to trust you for your love is so true
But look at me now, im lonely and blue
Where's the promise you give me?
You never really mean it.. dont you?

Before i thought, you're the one im looking for
Coz in your eyes, its only the love that i see and more
Whenever I'm beside you, i feel safe and secure
But since you've been gone
I've been acting immature

Don't you know that until now, you're hurting me?
When i see you with her, the pain is killing me
Why of all people its you that i met
Is there a reason behind it?
Am i deserving of this fate?

Many times, i told myself, im completely over you
But i am not, even if i found somebody new
I would never love, someone like you again
because even if you've left me
this stupid love still remain

I know you're doing fine and you dont think of me
But i kept my eyes blind, not to figure out and see
I guess that's the reason why love is so unfair
you'll fall in and out of it
and then left you in despair..

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