Pains And Agony With Pleasure

Did you endure all pains and agony with pleasure?
Did you ever consider its length for sure?
Did you ever regret that it is His will and wish?
You got to trust him till the life is finished

Were you kept low for future good?
Sometimes you were not afforded food
Was it His blessings to keep you near?
If answer is in 'Yes” you have all the rights to live without fear

He may respond to your undisputed faith
That he may be kind till your death
It is wish of almighty to shower the happiness
You stand fast with strong faith and face

Life is not what you see it from the outset
It will never reveal or make others to let
It will shape as per efforts put in
It may face failure or outright win

No one has judged it for sure
No one can predict the future
It has to be based on tremendous efforts
It may be made easier with good rapport

Shade or no shade, it has to be struggled till the end
You have enough time to regroup, think and mend
The lost time may never be recovered
Yet there is enough of opportunity for new things to be discovered

You may come out with triumph
You may sign it with your thumb
The happiness may run for quite sometime
Yet uncertainty may take over at any time

Live and face as it comes
Laugh it out and always welcome
New leaf is to be opened with passing of each day
The failure may be pushed miles away

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Pranaams: -) on Pain and agony with pleasure From shreeSridhar ॐ ❤ ☼ Today 11.04 Today 10.04 It's very true about the nature of life......your poem removed all my superb and a amazing poet....thanks for sharing......Incredible poem. on Pain and agony with pleasure From Ezna Today 10.04