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Painted Emotions
BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

Painted Emotions

Poem By Bridget Bush

Painted emotions on canvas with ink,
I do not ponder, I do not think.
The brush runs wild across the white,
my minds way to make it right.
Soothing like a song,
haven't felt that in so long.
Numb, apathetic, lost in action,
can't get control, can't find traction.
Free from my body, blank stare on face,
my only way to get out of this place,
And go to my Neverland,
with a paintbrush in my hand.
To take me to a place where this is not,
a general consensus, a common thought.
Sit back and gasp like old bitties,
at my paintbrush atrocities.
the things that come from deep inside,
only to crawl back in and hide.
Here are my emotions out on display,
This is how I'm feeling most today.
All my anger, dispair, and hate,
come forth in my blackout state.
It makes me feel a little more stable,
Here are my emotions laid out on the table.

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