CT (May 25th,1995 / )

Painted Gray, A Castle

If the world needed saving with just one line
would I be the one to tell it
To spare someone's feelings, would I rearrange the question
it would've been a smart decision
for now I, I now own a castle
painted gray, a castle built for the scum of the earth
Just the perfect setting for me
I claim myself part of the innocence
well it's the image I want to portray but I could never
it's in the chronicles of my never
I wrote last Halloween
I've done way much more than my fair share of damage
and this adds to the list...
I wish I could say I'm sorry
but all my heroism is resting inside my cowardice
I know I was brutally cold...I never meant to be so cold...
The truth was better kept secret
and fury is the gale of the storm swinging my way
I'm going to take it like a man
I won't say anything, nothing at all
I don't wish to be at fault again...
Nothing ever goes the way it should
it's a gigantic boomerang that keeps impaling me in my stony face
a notion I've tried to resist
too bad, I know it all too well
I've been living like this for 3 years now
Hear me now, here and now
I'm sorry, I realize I sound similar to a broken record in the attic
I always mean what I say, my thoughts whisk me away
I'm not cold-hearted, just cold blooded
still confused because reality keeps kicking me down
surrounded by silence, maybe that's what I need
but my mind is the quietest place I've visited
and I can always hear the echos of my thoughts
The echos of a song I heard in the morning
all is irrelevant now
my world keeps collapsing and repairing
the flower garden I planted
withered yesterday for the melancholy, sadness mixing in the air
Lying is not my strongest point nor do I want it to be
Being sweet and kind has always been my motto
but it's more of a weakness
since society treats it as one
This is a broken serenade
a broken serenade too far-fetched and from the answer
This is a shifting slideshow of a half version
of an apology and a symphony of pain it is to be losing
all I promised to keep together
There's no reason for me to be forgiven
I'm a deserted wolf in a human body
A body that has a beating heart
a beating heart that says I'm in love with you

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A great poem on love and compassion...vividly expressed... 10
Oh my god! This is totally unbelievable. I just finished reading a poem of yours thinking that was incredible. This is shining in front of my eyes! It is better than silver, better than all the gold in this world. You write with such a fantastic passion, and I can tell by reading your beautiful poems that you will be a brilliant poet one day. If you are adult already, become one whenever you want; if you are a kid, keep writing, though you will outshine in this world of art. You have gained a fan today, and when you become a poet, just let me know, so I can go to a bookstore and buy all of your books :)
I am in love with you, this is the truth, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.