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Painted You Black
KC (1/30/1989 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Painted You Black

Poem By Kandyce Cox

in my eyes
hides the light
holds the hope
for the everyman
just as foot prints in the sand
they're washed away
of you and me
walking one by one
in the sun
summer days
all thats left
of you and me
i'll paint you black
watch you fade away
into the darkness of my mind
to some day find
you'll reemerge
and i'll know
and i'l wonder
where did you go
for so long
as i grew strong
moving on
to better things
or so they say
but i know
there is room to grow
but you were the best
i forget the rest
can't remember their names
and you're to blame
for loving me
and kissing so softly
you left your imprint
on my lips
burned in the back of my memory
like scarlet skies
my disguise
to the pain
kept me sane
your love indeed
is what i need
to carry on
it's been so long
i remember
clear as day
what you would say
just with your touch
it meant so much
and still does
you were the one
i'd give my sun
to keep you warm
as mine storms
and washes away
to emptiness
my happiness
cast into obis
i watch you slip away
my blue sky's gray
but your days are bright
i chose right
to see you happy
took the misery
with no regret
until i remember
where it went
my happiness
i gave it to you
just to subdue
your emptiness
i couldn't fill
and i'll forget
about it
until i dig
for memories
answering why
i always cry
when i hear your name
but i'm to blame
i painted you black
i wanted you back
was no choice
i'll just rejoice
in know what i had
it was perfect
flawless as a painting
of you and me
beside the sea
writing love laced messages
among the sand
filling the land
with my happiness
as i gave it to you
was what i had to do
for you to survive
although i cried
because it hurt
when you left
tore me apart
until i painted
colored you black
watched you fade
into the back
the darkest parts
of my mind
for me to find
when i retrace
what's made me
who i am
who i will be

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