Painters Of Love

To stare her up and down a hint of loving lust in front of friends
Open doors for her make other ladies taste jealous blends
The appreciation seen in front of friends kisses snug
Door after door opening no warning tight hugs
For there's nothing overdone for your woman on earth
Her beauty fully appreciated each day new love to birth
And classy restaurants paint her with proper date
Pull chairs out, make her laugh and listen till late
Out of the blue flowers a card just confirming HER night
The role play for a change commence a short fight
Chair ornate at home her favourite langerie over hung
Let her experience the joy of love of tiny pains stung
The first experiences uncomfortable but that is how we learnmi
Icecream for starters and main course to yearn
First a little naughty talk and kissing before eve's tied up
And when relaxed holding with your hands them a cup
Order long feather remember your woman's a lady
Supper was light enough to allow in two hours little crazy
First rule never indulge food causes both deep sleep
But stay alert for requests and needs darker deep
Ravish every inch of her soul would be a start
Her body to explore and study make this your art
And when your masage transport to world relaxed
Pull all lights dimmer bright and call candle time waxed
Her mind long before and during and after put at ease
Hair in a mess later a sure way as proof of her please
In the bedroom opposite of life the others see outside
The private beauty moments we share own laws abide
Bedroom for secrets we keep from all daylight
And only share with a dear one on our team would fight
Study her smile and hands and walk and talk 
Her bedroom secrets there hidden there for you to stalk
To make her happy get to know her long before the first
Make appointments to learn what her mind and body for thirst
Her complicated being a maize of love and discover
Climax is for you the instant end and for her love recover
Like newlyweds should study and learn and memorise
Crazy the things that gives pleasure her mind mesemorise

That would be the right way to treat a lady... 

Arno Le Roux 20l4

by Arno Le Roux

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