He painted a picture
And proudly held it
Between his index and middle
Ran to his father and shouted
“Look at my painting! ”
And his dad,
Whose eyes never left his documents,
Stroked the young boy’s hair
And said, “Hmm...nice picture.
Better than the others you painted before.
Go show your mother.”
And the boy took off instantly
With an urge so strong
To boast his painting to his
“Look at my painting! ”
Cried the proud boy,
Excited swaying the painting
In front of his mother.
And said his mother,
Who looked at it for a split second,
Said, “Beautiful.
Go hang it up on the wall with the others.”
The young boy happily proceeded
To take a scotch tape
And carefully pasted the painting
On the wall.

And on the painting,
He wrote:
Sean’s first painting

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