(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Painting Feelings (Children)

How do I paint happy?
How do I paint sad?
How do I paint angry,
when someone makes me mad?

How do I paint feelings?
They're not somethin' that you see.
And yet, they're so important
in my pictures about me.

Today I thought about it.
I think what I will do -
is paint what feelings stand for.
It's easy I think, too.

When I'm feelin' happy,
I'll paint the sky bright blue.
If sad is what I'm feeling,
then the tears I'll paint are, too.

If what I feel is angry,
I'll paint my mouth a great big 'O',
'cause Mommy says 'bout angry,
'Get it out, then let it go.'

by C.J. Heck

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