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Painting Of A Girl Part 1
S ( / NYC)

Painting Of A Girl Part 1

when you look at the picture you know as me
what do you see
for it is not me
you do not see the whole picture

you do not see the real picture
all you see is what all others see
you just see what you want to see
you just see the surface

you think you see it all
you think you see enough to know me
but you don't
you don not really see anything of worth

nothing that says anything of me
for you just see the pretty picture i painted long ago
have you not realized the girl in that picture has never changed
never shown emotions

she just stands in the back ground
have you not noticed that
for she has never once moved
she stands so still

she stand so silent
never moving never changing
for she is not real
she is just a picture
she is a fake as the smile on her face

why have you never questioned that girl in the background
everyone changes
and yet this girl has not
is that not a sign

for if you would take the time
to ask you would realize
that she is not real
she is but a pretty picture

painted so long ago
behind that painting
behind that girl
i stand

i stand waiting to be noticed
waiting to be found
waiting to be pulled out of this darkness

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