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Painting Of A Girl Part 2
S ( / NYC)

Painting Of A Girl Part 2

i stand behind a pretty picture
staring at the back of the canvas
the canvas i once painted on so long ago
that painting holds a girl

the girl people know as me
but really is nothing like me
she stands in the background of the world
never moving

never changing
no one ever cares enough to ask
ask why she never moves
why she never changes

for if they cared
they would be able to see that that girl is not real
for she is but a painting of girl
for it is i that stands behind the picture

i stand there blind to the world in front of me
for all i can see is the back of the canvas
they see as me
i stand there in the cold darkness

trapped in the wall
i stand there and do the only thing i can do
i listen
and learn
learn of the world i can not see
for i must stand and watch with only my ears

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