LL (August 25,1990 / Nashua, NH)


Many people have a favorite work of art.
For some it might be a sunset or a landscape.
For others it could be a photograph or a painting.
But no matter what it may be
When the person experiences this art
They go to a place
Where there is no time;
No worry; no unrest;
Nothing to be done
There is only now
And the art that is before them.
As they look at their painting
They become lost in it
Lost in the color; in the elegance;
Mesmorized; completely captivated;
Almost seduced by its beauty
Their painting makes everything stop
And even if just for a moment
There is perfect happiness.
People ask me,
'Why do you love reptiles so much? '
Honestly, even I can't fully understand
My fascination with them
Or my passion for keeping them.
But the answer is actually quite simple.
It's my painting.

for Zoe

by Lindsay Laughlin

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