( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

Paints Of Art

sun still comes by the morning
even by the rain when unleashed by the clouds
rainbow when blazes its glory by its colors
even bereft of the moon by the plumes

as darkness when dissolves
into the puddle by the day
shadow of sorrow must repulsed
to the hide by the golden glow of the sun

as stain must go away by the reeks
the new colors.as when painted the walls
as the love is the paints of art by the artist
over the canvas web of blood in resilience to red

oceanic waves still rave up
looking into the full moon when blue
even if the tide breaths faster speeding to fall
knowing its ebb of webs destined to dissolve

as we see the dark face of the forest
in the depth of night by lightening by the rain
yet the birds and tigers roar in the night by the fear
yet the snow frost pine never disown its green
even when chilled across its unkempt edges
love yet glows unfazed as eternal flow by the vein

by Dr subhendu kar

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a beautiful painting from a great poet..naizz