Pairs Of Shoes

The idea of being barefooted is not appreciated and It's not welcome by anyone anytime Simply because pairs of shoes are greatly and wonderfully Displayed in many stores Anywhere and everywhere... Some pairs of shoes especially Those of women's are very expensive, but They're greatly purchased easily At any price... Men do not care about their pairs of shoes As women do Simply because they can wear any cheaper kinds... Poor people can not afford buying the Most expensive pairs of shoes Simply because it's not easy for them anytime... Poor people are able only to buy used pairs of shoes or Any cheaper kinds... Anyhow we are able to see a lot of human waves come To buy all kinds of pairs of shoes Regardless of their different prices anytime... People can not stop coming to those pairs of shoes' stores Just to spend their money happily and gladly... I don't understand people's inclinations towards this situation That making them unable to stop buying those pairs of shoes anytime... Life shows us a lot of examples about what's going on around us... ______________________________________________________________________


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Funny and nice poem in praise of shoes. Beautiful wording and meaningful one.