The Confidante Loquitur (Modern Translation)

Ah lady! ah lady! hear a word,
At length having seen (him) I have come again;
Looking, looking, (my) pain increased,
Whatever was done profited not.
He binds not his hair, he girds not his waist,
He eats not food, he drinks not water.
The colour of gold Šyâm has become,
Constantly remembering thy name.
He does not recognize any one, his eye does not wink,
He remains with fixed look like a doll of wood.
I placed a piece of wool to his nose,
Then only I perceived that he breathed,
There is breath, but there remains no life,
Delay not, my happiness depends on it!
Cha.n.dî Dâs saith (it is) the anguish of separation
In his heart, the only medicine is Radha.

[From 'Sacred Texts']

by Chandidas

Comments (13)

A very nice poem, well written.
A masterly take on the meaning of life Sandra, and as always you present us with such good pieces. I loved re-reading this one. thanks. love from Fay.
I like this poem very much Sandra, it has a peaceful element to it. A true pleasure to read. Melvina
great poem. good byes do sometimes seem like anchors pulling me down. i love the technical symmetry and rhyme - especially when fitted with such imagery
You use earth, sun, and weather to create 'atmosphere'. Grief - and acceptance of the inevitability of loss. 'To love that well which thou must leave ere long.'
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