Palestine: Tears For Sale

clot of breathe deals
with an angel of darkness,
wishing every birth the Leon to share, clap
each night the sweat of the
mother nipple
for the conqueror leaves the day with
the shadow of death

where can I find my loneliness of the desert
crumpled in the sand of dying sun, water
comes in my lips for thirst I suffer
breaking my heart until falls to
the ground no more joy besiege; knock every
doorstep I hear yet! with teardrops of blood
catches my eyes

how many more lives I offer, for even
death soar high to cry, see the
edges of time, mark the faded people to retouch
the lasting voice of peace in the
heart to die

oh! sweet freedom I salute, sign with
honor, for never the sun stop
shinning, our race fight the joy to
live our sacred land we die freedom, freedom, a
clear and loud shout of the heart and soul of the
Mother land Palestine...

by Antonio Liao

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