The color of orange pertains to her love
Combined with the color of red
The sun starts to set in the wide sky above
And the hues say the heavens have bled
Eyes full of wonder, they feel their hands lock
His warm, tingling skin, next to hers, prickling cold
“Sitting beside her, there’s no need to talk”
“Sitting beside him, I’m not scared to grow old”
Of fresh grain, of chocolate, of daisies, of twilight
Of Nature’s ice cream sherbet beginning to melt
Of listening, of tasting, of smell and of sight
Of the air all around them knowing just how they felt

The color of yellow pertains to her love
Combined with the color of green
The smoke from the candle floats up above
In the prettiest willow she’s seen
A prison of branches, safe-haven of leaves
Two lovers consumed and then left without fear
“Here’s to me hoping that he never leaves”
“Here’s to me hoping she’ll always be here”
Magic to turn them to marionettes
Their shadows mirrored on twin sides of the tree
When they kiss, their souls become dark silhouettes
Their hearts lay wide open for the whole world to see

The color of violet pertains to her love
Combined with the color of white
The endless abyss of the dark sky above
With dazzling stars in the vacuum of night
Their eyelids droop as the time ticks away
Her head on his chest hears the beat of his heart
“I’ll promise her that by her side I will stay”
“I’ll promise him that I’ll go back to the start”
Just by her hand, his whole life was affected
Pushed off the deep end and then taught to swim
In the evening chill, there, her heart was dissected
A palette of colors all only for him

by Hannah Hampton

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