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Palm Tree
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Palm Tree

Poem By Diana T. Pecot

When the winds begin to blow and the
Gust becomes to strong and the words
That brought the winds came from the people
you trusted in pray Lord strengthen me like into
the Palm tree.
For sometimes are tree must been in this
World full of sin and it's food to know that
it's not thee end for it's guaranteed your storm
will come.
and we don't want to be just another Lilly
in the fields or green grass that will soon
within and pass away
and even though we may touch the ground
may it be only a little while before we can
Say I made it to a better day from sin to
a better person from within for Jesus is
are true friend. Never Stop trying.
Quit Child Deceit is the hardest thing to bare for
a child with no iniquity in her heart to

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