Now Pam's my first pick with that hair so thick
With a brain that always knows
That the things we share will always be there
In our heart just like a rose

With her thoughts so pure and so very mature
It's a wonder she is real
When she enters a room there’s no more gloom
We forget about our meal

With her full large eyes it is no surprise
That she found the one she loves
And her children too are the blessed few
Must be help from up above

She treats me square and in private we share
Many thoughts about our life
It's all so real this closeness that I feel
While forgetting toil and strife

So God please bless Pam on her next exam
With your everlasting love
And let her know that she's star of our show
And she fits us like a glove

(Dumple ~ December,2005)

by John Dustman

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