Glory To The Lord

Glory to Thy ways 0 Lord!
We praise Thy Holy Name:
Sacred is the precious word
That tells the Christian's claim.

Children of the Blood of Love,
We bow before Thy Throne;
Faith in Thee, the Hope above,
Shall be our corner-stone.

Bethel's star is guide to Thee,
For Angels point the way:
We at last are once more free
To watch and sing and pray.

Princes then shall come to rule,
As Sheba did of old:
Nevermore, as black foot-stool,
Shall Afric's sons be sold.

For ages we've been in pain,
While trusting in the Psalms-
Holy words of Saints so plain,
Have come to us as balms.

Lead us then 0 Prince of men!
Against the mighty foes;
Clear the world's most sinful den,
And free us of our woes.

When the day comes to an end,
And we have won the fight,
Faith and praises all shall blend,
In welcome of the night.

by Marcus Mosiah Garvey

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Classic Crowley at his finest! ! !