MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Panchadasi Chapter Two

O Lord, You are my own self..
remind me, now, that my own self is You..

and that’s about the measure of it:
if I were to speak of You, or praise You,
I would speak verbs, and nouns, and sentences;

remind me, Lord, that every verb
speaks of, and yet hides,
Your Creating, here and now;
that every noun speaks of, and hides
the single every name of You;
that every sentence describes, hides,
Your Creation and its beauty;

so take me, know me, Lord, to be
Your silent worshipper and friend
in the stillness of the temple of OurSelf.

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Amen indeed to this Michael - - a most enlightening prayer endorsing the celebration of Self - - the seed of God's love is surely Self - - thank you Michael for reminding us of this truth...... greetings from Fay...