IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


The symptoms strike so suddenly
A headache and a runny nose.
Not serious apparently
you have no reason to suppose.

That you have contracted something new
that you will die in agony.
A mutant strain of common flu
an ever changing enemy.

A virus which we can’t contain
because it spreads so easily
An ancient plague has struck again
Invariably fatally

There’s no escape nowhere to run.
Out breaks occur spontaneously
We’re doing all that can be done.
At home and internationally.

Although some victims do survive
we do not know the reason why
What keeps the lucky few alive.
We have no choice we have to try.

To find a cure for this disease
Which some see as a punishment
inflicted by a god displeased
and others as an accident..

We’ve seen it happen once before
The death toll from the Spanish flu
killed more than died in the Great War.
Nature produces something new.

When mankind’s numbers grow too high.
She knows the world can not sustain
too many people some must die
to reach a balance once again.

She does not flinch or hesitate
She knows exactly what to do
she has to act before too late.
So she creates a mutant flu.

Mans tendency to overbreed
Means Mother Nature will decide
there are too many mouths to feed.
The time has come to override.

The wishes of humanity
Reduce their numbers savagely
A task she does efficiently
although perhaps reluctantly.

What seems to be wanton cruelty
can be a blessing in disguise.
There’s every possibility
The race of man will realise.

The time has come to exercise
his free will much more sensibly.
and that in truth the answer lies
in acting more responsibly.

The earths resources are finite
we have to change our wasteful ways.
Or else give in without a fight
and see the end of mankinds days.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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