TSW (April 3rd,1970 / Honolulu, Hawaii)


A morality play...ignorant opinions hold sway, deft minions of a deaf, dumb and blind god.

Why the back and the white, when grey will incite. Never judge and bear the fetid fruit.

Silence eclipsed by it's own scapegoat, Never to pick, Never to choose...when the end is justified you loose.

When mirth is stilled by a carnival of moral grotesques, When countenance
is received by the abdication of intellect, slavery is it's progeny.

The Silly pander to thoughts of nothing...less then nothing.
tomorrow will have changed for nought, the sun will rise and the sun will set.

Forgiveness belongs only to the wronged, and the wicked rue the prism of truth and partake of the effervescent lie.

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