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Pandora's Box

Ever since Pandora opened her box
Man has been protecting himself with locks,
He knows that in every woman there is a sealed envelope
In which the contents are evil, but there is also hope.
A lock is used to keep temptation locked in,
But, it is also used to keep others protected from sin

A woman got man to eat of the forbidden fruit
Since that day man had to go to work in some form of suit,
Man then forced woman to wear a chastity belt
To protect himself from the sins that other men felt.
Now a woman washes his clothes and buys his socks,
If only Adam had known about security and locks.

When a woman asked to cut a man’s hair
He happily agreed with his sensualist glare,
Then he was blinded and his strength was taken away
If only he had a lock on his door on that sad and fateful day.
When a woman takes a sharp object from any drawer,
Make sure first that you have a lock upon your front door.

I was married once before,
Then after the divorce I changed the lock on my front door,
I am now safe and secure and protected inside my home
Sin and evil is kept outside my personal dome.
Unlike Epimetheus, Adam and Samson I installed a lock,
So, to get into my house someone first has to knock.

Randy L. McClave

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I especially like the last stanza of this wonderful poem, Randy