Pandora’s Box Of Memories

Sometimes when we open,
Pandora’s Box of memories,
we find a sad reflection
of ourselves buried within.
A reflection of how we’ve hurt,
someone at sometime,
but most of the time,
it is the mistakes we’ve made,
or debts that are left unpaid,
that come back to haunt us
in their special way.
However, sometimes on opening,
Pandora’s Box of memories,
the good things come pouring out.
The ones that make us smile
and yell hip, hip hooray,
didn’t we have a lovely day.

(9 August 2007)

by David Harris

Comments (3)

you never know what you might find inside......when it's memories that preside
Wonderful, truthful sentiments in this gem from a man with a gigantic heart and soul [as seen through his poetry]...They say, behind every good man stands a woman so it appears we should be thanking Vera........ I've read this's not a box I like to open....for in it are things I can't let go of for one reason or another....Now the wrongs I've done, never seem to leave my mind even after I apologize so I don't need to look for them........What a wonderful choice for a poem..Like most of you chaps o'er there. you never seem to disappoint..~~marci. :) ~~
Open it and look inside, thats were my heart resides...10