(12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

Pandora's Palace

Fire and fury fan fragmentation
In a house haunted by horrors
Scorned, censored, sacrificed on altars of lamentation
That leaves spectators aghast with terrors of errors.

Fire and fury frighten freckles
Blushing at the sight of truth
Too inconvenient it heckles
A braggart who bruises his breath and stealth.

Fire and fury fumigate frigates
Sailing Southwards to stimulate a nuclear button
Unwelcome in pacific gates
Whose hinges thrive on a diet of climate change cotton.

Fire and fury favour faith
In a sane mind with a sane somebody
Whose faith remains unshaken across the length and width
Of Pandora's Palace inhabited by nobody in a buzzard's body.

by John Sensele

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