Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

I keep 'em guessin'
Which personality will they be gettin'
It depends which button u pressin'
I can be a nuclear bomb
Or sweet like a soccer mom
Silent like Teller
Or predictable like a speak and speller
I morph into the situation
Like the psyche of this people's nation
U can't ever knock me down
Or silence the bark of this hound
I sniff out your intentions
Like a teacher overseeing detention
You can't stop me or change me
I will be who I want to be
I don't care if it is a culture shock to you
Cause I live my life and I do what I do
My free will shines bright
Like a world gathering under candlelight
I attack my world with plight
My steps bring me up to new heights
As yours moves with the herd
It is hard living life free as a bird
You get strange judgments
All around your environment
But no one can judge me
I'm a space alien
Trying to put the world on watch
For these one percenters who are scarce like Sasquatch
Running these hands on billy clubs like robots
We keep piling in the streets telling them all to stop
But after all we're all just sacks of words and ideas
Gravity keeps us together
so we don't look like floating diarrhea
Keeping our thoughts unified like Pangaea
I don't swear in my rhymes cause I like to keep them dirty
Cause swearing these days is clean
You heard me
Take your earplugs out of your ears so u can hear me
But instead you lock us away cause you fear me
An ignorant mind builds an ignorant time
That can spread into eras into ages
But I want my history books to be filled by good pages
Lets make this happen and make it happen in stages

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