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Panhandlers In Ashland

I saw a panhandler begging for a dime
He was arrested as though he had committed a crime,
What he did was now against the law
But, to help the needy and the poor was once spoken by Paul.

They told him that he had to go straight to jail
Because he wasn't collecting money in a donation pail,
They then told him that he couldn't beg or ask for money anymore
So, it is now a sin and a crime to be destitute or poor.

Now the needy aren't allowed to beg for cash
If they do they are treated as criminals or as trash,
But, churches and organizations have all been omitted
To beg for money, they are all applauded and permitted.

The Bible says that there are angels among us
So, at the panhandlers I always smile and I won't hate or cuss,
If a beggar ever asks me for money I give without a care
Because once I was like Lazarus, and God was there.

Randy L. McClave

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