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Panic Attack

Never happened before
First time today
An “innocent” conversation
Completely took my breath away ……..

Couldn’t breathe!
Couldn’t speak!
Couldn’t move!
Wanted to get away
Anywhere but here!
Fought back, then
With reluctant limbs
Into the street
People stare……
Don’t care …….
Struggling for air!
Want help
Nowhere to go but

It has passed now
But what was lost?
Invaded by fear,
Denied a choice,
Sapped of strength
Forced into submission.
Stripped of dignity.
Laid bare to those
I would not have chosen
To see my nakedness.
I am crushed.

Feels like everything
Has changed
Never to be
The same again
Am I now facing
The real me?
Have I been
Acting a part
In a play that has
Now finished its run?
Wonder what
Tomorrow will bring?
Only the invincible flame of
Hope gleams on.

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A great poem that explains exactly how I get. I have several phobias that set off panic attacks. One is hurricanes and weather and a fear of the ocean. I know how utterly helpless one can feel. I get angry with myself when I can't control my feelings.I have to take medication when hurricane season comes around. Hugs, Donna
Quite a suspense till the end.