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A Greek Tragedy
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A Greek Tragedy

Poem By Sandra Martyres

Aaaaaaah! ! !
Were the screams of my labouring mother
Even in the presence of consolation and encouragement
Her problems remained dormant like a rural settlement

Before then, knowing the pain and anguish to be experienced
She still carried this load for nine months without being tensed
Running to and fro, helter skelter
From one prenatal care to yet another

Her mind, filled and congested
Thinking about the day I'll be ejected
Fully assured I will wipe out sorrow
If I decided to come even tomorrow

And so, the day finally came with no worry
In the beautiful month of January
Fear engulfed her eyes
That she could see beyond the skies

As she walked to the theatre that day
Flashbacks came to her head like it was throw back Thursday
With God and her loving husband, my father, by her side
She knew it was going to be a smooth ride

Seconds counted into minutes
And everyone waited for the news to calm their anxious spirits
Sounds of distant wailing
Demanded of them to start praying

Finally, the deed was done
And baby David was born
And for the first time since I began growing hair
I was able to breathe air

The cry of her healthy baby boy
Brought hope, happiness and joy
The fulfilment of God's prophecy
For all of mankind to hear of and see

All because of one wonder woman
A very special human
She is my mother
She will always be my wonder

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An impressive write that resonates with the soul. A passionate piece of poetry, very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing, David.