Everyday seeing, greeting you
Gives me a feeling of distress
The plastic smile, the shallow greeting
is not enough to conceal my utter contempt

It is sad to become your acquaintance
Delegating tasks you’d normally undertake
And when a task is assigned to you completely
You dodge, shirk, and even delegate

You chose to become a leader, act as you be
Rally your members at odds deliberately
Be the source of the bond, the reason to unite
Not the cause of schism which you would rather like

Hope springs eternal as the maxim goes
But even eternity has its end unfortunately
I cling to the fact that you would change
For the betterment of those who look to you

A paper leader I don’t want you to be
Or a signature campaigner for every memo
you hold dear for life
I hope in the days to come
You’d be a better leader, person, a friend

by joseph vincent orlanda

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to poetic soul, ency bearis, dr kar: thank you for appreciating!
Well expressed...has a intropective indeed.
Very impressive write...well presented
introspective and eloquent too,10+++, thanks for sharing