EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Paper And Glue.

I hope to know,
what is going through your mind.
Doubt will grow,
are you leaving our love behind?
What can i be saying,
to make you let go of those thoughts.
A crying heart praying,
will we survife among the sinking boats?
Boats were made of paper and glue,
but the glue melted in the rapid seas.
My hand is on my heart asking you,
will we survife with love and memories?
I ask you is your love strong enough,
to stand with mine in the face of doom?
I ask you have you even ever felt love,
we stand still and roses are never to blume?
I'm feeling like i'm so alone,
lonely like i've never been in my life before.
Will you be leaving me on my own?
i'm getting weaker and i'm falling more and more.
So is it me or you led me in cofusion,
was i the fool loving you from all of my heart?
I was so happy with my own illusion,
no wonder that i find me still at the line of start.
Yes, we drowned but we found a shore,
few of who i knew surfived heart breaks.
Are we that lucky? i'm not so sure,
let go of my heart for gods' sakes.
Don't tell me about love and devotion,
don't you ever utter a word to me.
We have just surfived death in the ocean,
and it's a sign from heaven to me.
I was nothing but missled in the wrong direction,
building hopes and dreams for me and you.
Not only i'm broken with neither love nor affection,
but even our love was made of paper and glue....

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