TH (5-24-83 / MO)

Paper Cuts

its hurts so bad sometimes
makes me want to break down
so numb cant even cry
the things that made me happy
are all gone
i couldnt have been more wrong
been going threw this for so long
try to find a meaning to it
just want to know where it all went wrong
you think i could take a hint
paper cuts dig deep within
feeling alone and torn apart
thats my sin
want to peice my life back togather
want to find a true someone
that can make all these thoughts...
a thing called love is a lie
for somebody like me
tried so hard but never could i be
just dont know what to do anymore
keep sliping away more and more
i would give all the money and all the land
i give it all for her, the one
i could have everything
but all i truly want is someone
this thing we call life
made me bitter and cold
growing old and knowing
im always going to be alone
i dont want to go threw life like this
just want to be missed
they say she is out there
but right now
im all alone, right fucking here

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