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Paper Heroes

Criminals are worshiped
In Godlike proportions
For the distance they can hit a ball
Or the sounds of their distortion

A drug addict is a hero
To just a little boy
While a rapist's face graces
All his little toys

An adulterer is the star
Of your daughter's favorite show
But because the man stays in shape
He's far more than a hero

He's a millionaire
But he took another's life
And he can hit the highest notes
While cheating on his wife

But it doesn't matter
On paper he's a savior
And all that's important
Is if he makes that paper

Corrupt is the world we live in
As teachers struggle just to live
Policeman and firefighters die every day
Giving all that they can give

But they're not heroes
At least not in anyone's eyes
It's a sad and terrible thing
But still nobody will realize

How ridiculous it is to worship
A man whose no better than yourself
To not thank our soldiers
For fighting through such hell

A paper champion can give you
A memory that will last until the end of time
And not glorify the real men
Who fight to give you the right

To praise a paper hero
An athletic marvel, or a star on the big screen
While we ignore our real heroes
Who sacrifice their selves on the scene

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A very powerful poem, and it is very true; also execptionally well written, a 10/10 from me. Dan