Quatrain #539 - All The Buds Of Spring......

All the buds of spring
and colors they bring
are more than enough
to quell winter's rough.

by George Krokos

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Good poem on 'Hope......10
A poem of hope and optimism
Amazing and interesting to read this poem... Thanks for sharing.....
To hope for the best. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I will take my chances any day, everyday, in the face of fire, water, wind and, yes, knives. These are forces against which a person may act, may persevere, may yet find hope of survival and even, yes, turn them to ones own advantage. In the face of these forces I will retain my sense of hope. But a paper man (or a poet) has no hope if the best that may be offered is a smooth folder in a steel file. At that point I throw up my hands and surrender. Despair, not hope. This is the world of bureaucracy and death by a thousand cuts. Tortuous, insidious, the world turned upside down. I love writing that turns perspective inside out such that the dullards that follow the perverse truths handed down by powerful politicians and bureaucrats find only optimism and the sunny days to come in their words. Fools. Live fully. Read carefully. Think critically.
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