Paper's Pleas

My journey starts from a sturdy tree,
Which gets chopped just in free.
The selfish chopper cuts it apart,
He takes this pain just to make a tart.
The industries make the forests neat and clean,
But they don't plant a twig, they r mean.
The wood is processed to bring me in shape,
Then they make the products which u take.
I was to be filled with ideas to change the world,
But i end up in the dustbin just annulled.
People are taking me for granted,
In a century or two i would be most wanted.
Don't worry i would be serving you for free,
Next time when u waste a paper, just plant a tree.

by Harsh Anand

Comments (3)

Good advice in a fun poem
Trees sustain the planet so its our duty to maintain them in return. Thank you Harsh for this beautiful poem and important message.
A well articulated story of the making of paper, its usage and essence in our daily scheme of things. A lovely piece of poetry insightfully penned with good rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9