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I am drinking, still swallowing his hate
Ice in his eyes, glaring, escorting me out of his space
I am breathing, still gulping the powdered air filling my lungs with his jealousy
He knocked me out, peeing on me with his words
“Trick ass bitch”
The warm liquid soiled my body
He wants me to feel and taste the salty sea of hatred
He found my soft part and held on to it
Squeezing my heart tight as the blood trickled down his muscular arm
Staining his white crisped shirt
I watched and squirmed
Crawling underneath a table
Feeling a terrible fever rising to my brain
Then I felt turbulence
Shaking every inch of my body
I jerked awake
There was a moment of silence
To my right he was asleep in his boxers
My arms and legs badly bruised
My pain quite apparent and I’m unable to move
I cried inside
I lay my head back on the pillows
Pulled the sheets over my crippled body
Closed my eyes with a sigh
Hoping tomorrow he will be in a better mood
Otherwise I will pack my shit and say goodbye
(c) 1/2006FaceButter

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this love! how deep and strong! that it should have such power! the only salvation-escape when for some other soul a different path a different way more violent more absolute but who can speak of another's love? the heart needs and needs no end to needing the poem a sweet hope for a brighter day always the hope until there is no hope and the matter is fianlly settled.