Pappy (Grandpa)

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

This is for you
I’m here
Are you?
I want to see you one last time
Can I?

Your not here
I feel bad for being alive
I saw you just minutes before you left me

I was devastated
How long has it been?
6 years now?
I still cry
It’s like a wound
That will never heal
It keeps opening
And i can cry a river
Enen though it has been a long time

I loved you so much pappy
Did you love me like I love you?
Do you miss me?
Do you still love me?
I know I do

Ill never forget the fateful day
I cried for hours on end
I wanted to be with you
I wanted to die
I wanted to be in the coffin with you
You don’t know how bad I wanted
For the person in there to be me
Not you me

Come back to me!
I can’t take it anymore!
Pappy please!
I’m begging you!

I’ve gone through it all

Please save me!
I need you now
More then I have ever needed
Anyone before

Pappy please!
I’m on my knees
Please save me!
I don’t want to do this anymore!

If you cant come back
If I can’t be with you
Up in heaven
Then be with me now
In my ambitions
Help me be a better person
Help me be like you

I love you so much
Never forget that ok?
Never forget
Because I know I won’t forget you
I love you.

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wow, I'm sorry about you dad, hope your life brightens soon

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