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(parable, Part 1) Nowhere: The Prodigal Son
DL (December 1981 / Wellington, KS)

(parable, Part 1) Nowhere: The Prodigal Son

Note: This is the first in a three-part series.

Nowhere, I'm going nowhere
Surely all these rules are to blame
So I'm going to leave tomorrow with my share
I'll live at last like I want, things will never be the same

Nowhere, I'm going nowhere
But with the partying, the women,
The popularity, why should I care?
Let me enjoy all of this, even if it is sin

Nowhere, I'm going nowhere
All my money and new 'friends' are gone
I'm so starved I'd eat the food I feed the pigs, I don't care
I'll go back to my father, he was right all along.

Nowhere, I'm going nowhere
My shame has come upon me
Can I look my father in his face, do I dare?
If I return, perhaps his lowest servant I could be

Nowhere, I'm going nowhere
I will never leave my place again, forsake my name
My father loves me, and treats me far more than fair
I am glad to be my father's son, and that this will always be the same

(November 19-20,2004)

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