BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)


Cascading down, disaterous fate just like gravity
Pulling down, certain death could wait for me
Death through knowing life should be so much more
and death through being trapped by everything I cannot control

Death seeing everything I used to know and hold so close
Seeing old memories frozen in aging photographs
Death remembering all that happened before today
and knowing how different it could have been

He spoke of true and perfect situtions
Ideas that could just have easily been a dream
He spoke out and caught me just in time
I could feel ice melting around me, he made me believe

Cascading down, beautiful fate just like gravity
Pulling down, certain death does wait for me -
One day

His words are arms now, wrapping themselves around me
Reaching a far corner of my mind and snatching me back to reality
His words are comfort and warmth, softly breaking my fall
Gliding down, willingly, his words are my parachute

He spoke of love I'd read in books, and seen in films
How silly to think this, its happening all around me
He spoke of saviours and getting all you truely deserve
I nodded and smiled, for I knew -
For he spoke, and saved me

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