DP (05/29 1974 / Kitchener, ON)


Some nights, I lay awake and watch you sleep.

I see a peaceful look on your face as you drift from consciousness. I imagine you are dreaming that we are on a tropical island, tucked away on a secluded beach. We are lying on a soft blanket, watching the waves settle as a sheet of dark sand.

Your silky hair gently wisps away from your face as your body is overcome by the cool evening breeze. I want to run my fingers through your hair and tell you how much I love you, but can’t think of the words needed to describe such a perfect moment.

The breeze passes and all that is left is a memory of a time when you looked so beautiful. A memory that will repeat itself in many different times, in many different places until the day I part from this world.

You look at me and wonder what I am thinking; I then notice how beautiful your eyes are. I find myself amazed that I’ve never noticed until now. You are so beautiful.

You smile as we gaze into each others soul. We don’t speak, but understand what the other is trying to say.

Our hands are locked together and it brings a feeling of closeness and love that I haven’t felt before. Touching you in such a simple way brings an emotion that I never want to forget; a feeling I forever long to keep.

Daylight passes as we watch the orange glow of the sun set in a brilliant sky of red and purple.

The tide rolls over the coast line as it softly splashes our feet and envelopes the sand around us. The water is warm and soothing. Still we lay, content in the wet sand and the warm summers breeze. I tighten my grip on your hand as you tighten yours.

We tell each other our devotion of love in a whisper barely heard, perhaps never spoken.

The brilliant colors of the sun are gone now and the sky is dark. The moon is full and I watch its reflection ripple in the waves of this isolate paradise.

We hear voices in the distance and I wonder if they noticed how beautiful the sunset was. I wonder if they watched the waves or felt the warm tropical breeze drift across their bodies.

The night has come to a perfect end.

We gather our belongings and retire to our cabin still holding hands and talking about the day. That perfect day.

As we lay in each others arms putting the day to rest, I kiss your head and tell you again how much I love you. You return the vow and close your eyes as your head grows heavy on my chest. I hold you and see that familiar peaceful look on your face.

Some nights... I lay awake and watch you sleep.

by Daniel Piluk

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