MM (1995/10/10 / esfahan)

Paradise Lost

Gloomy, duller than dull, vapid class

Full of reek

Stinking ambiance

Like fog

At the very hours of dawn

Like halo

Hugging blazing sun in its fist

Tattered shards of bedraggled papers

Drops of water dripping from ceiling

Rusty door lock is decorated with hanging doorknob

Pale curtain dangling here and there

Like wrapped corpse shroud in coffin of mournful solace

Flickering light making it reminiscent of interrogation room

Black board is nobody's board

An oil consuming heater is imminent threat

Like streams coming out of volcanic mountain

Likely to be erupted

Rows and rows of chairs, carved with purposeless aims

Scribbled with meaning

Out of complaint

Wind is blowing ferociously

Wiping away papers

Roaming papers

Wafting and passing each other

We are sucked in the vortex of nothingness

by Moahammad Maleki

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Rusty door lock! ! Thanks for sharing.