TR (22nd September 1968 / Edmonton, London, UK)

Paradise Lost

The first couple Adam and Eve,
God designed and made,
But to eat from the tree of good and evil,
He most certainly for them forbade.
The woman Satan lured,
Adam she did deceive,
Through desire they did sin,
He loved God less than Eve.
In Satan’s sinful heart,
He desired to be like God,
To covet rightful worship,
For an angel this was odd.
He thought too much of himself,
To commit sin he did decide.
The first humans became ashamed,
And from God they began to hide.
Satan was so proud,
Adam loved Eve too much,
Life eternal he did throw away,
Man surrendered to the sinful clutch.
If only Adam had thought,
And not obeyed his wife,
If he obeyed his God,
And not forsaken his life.
If Adam made Eve no idol,
If he had not believed Satan’s lie,
And obeyed his God in heaven,
We would all not have to die.

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