****paradise-Patsy Comes To Stay

Poem By Coach Roth

Patsy seemed content
to sit in the doorway
or on the deck...but
still was wary of coming
into the house.
Maria said 'maybe
if we set up her own room,
she will feel safe.'
So they decided upon
the storage room
where they found many
things left by the previous owner
Tony...including a baby crib.
'Tony was an 88 year old
gay bachelor, I don't even want
to think about why he might
have a baby crib.'
They made up a bed and
litter box for Patsy,
put Chumly in the back yard,
and enticed her into the room
with some chicken.

But once they closed the door,
Patsy set about whining and crying
not letting either of them
touch her....Maria knelt down
and cooed to Patsy to soothe her
and then used her long hair
like a toy to get her to play...
to forget her cattiness
just for a minute...

The gentleness of Maria's voice,
the tenderness and patience
she used for the little cat...
turned Coach on...and suddenly
he was swept with passion
and threw some blankets down
and grabbed Maria and without
a word between them they
started to make love and Coach
was blind with a heat he hadn't
felt in a long time and was
completely lost in the moment
when suddenly Maria
started laughing, not gently,
but huge guffaws...
Coach was completely bewildered
and hurt and let down
so to speak
while Maria continued to laugh
then pointed and there sat
Patsy in the baby crib
staring out through the wooden bars
with the most innocent face
and completely quiet...
watching the two of them go at it...
so now Coach couldn't
quit laughing and Chumly
somehow got in the room
and Maria said
'Our family is now complete.'

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Coach, it sounds as if you may have gotten some catnip out of this latest installment, of what i'll be looking for on TV this coming fall, as a replacement for ''FAMILY GUY ''! ...You continue to out-do yourself my friend...Just remember, Coach, ...after the intro of the gayblade & Coach getting his friskies..., this is now officially an after prime-time posting! LOL! ... ~ FjR ~ ..2008..

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