****paradise-Seven Years Of Love And Living Hell In Los Angeles((Prologue))

Poem By Coach Roth



Maria and Coach left Omaha
In the middle of the night
the winter of ’87…
Leaving behind Nursing School
And Country Radio.
All possessions crammed
Into a 65 Chevy Bel Air
Gleaming chrome and rusting body.
Maria singing...
'The kinfolk said Coach move away from here'
Then curling her 4 foot eleven inches
onto her side and sleeping with her head
in Coach's lap, leaving him to worry
about what they were getting into...

Kansas…roads so straight
A bullet fired down the middle
Would land on the yellow line
Further up the road.

Oklahoma…30 miles
In all directions flat dirt
And one tree.

New Mexico…
Descending into Albuquerque
Golden lights nestled in red mountains.

Green and brown hills...
snow covered blue mountains
in the distance
golden sun setting in the Pacific.

Technology, entertainment
agriculture, aerospace, defense...
economy second only to major
nations...real estate bought
and sold in days with profits
for everyone...
When would it end? ...
That's California's greatest asset
they said...it won't.

But Coach was an old gambler...
there were no sure things, no locks,
and everything moved in cycles...
Coach knew for sure that someday
the state would get its ass kicked.

That the good times would end
in drought, fires, earthquakes,
riots, floods and scandal
didn't surprise Coach.

That they would end
the year he moved there...
sure shocked the sh*t out of him.

(To be Cont.)

Comments about ****paradise-Seven Years Of Love And Living Hell In Los Angeles((Prologue))

You have a gift for a prose-work and fiction too, I would be glad to see 'to be continued' in a series of short stories or a novel with dialogues, layered...Why not
Hi Coach..... been reading quite a few of your poems.......what I really think..? ? I love 'em....your way...painting pictures with words, with love....with passion, clarity and honesty...and no small bit of humor... gentle irony and compassion......and skill, oh, yes.....I'm glad you're here....thankyou....! ! Take care and be well... Love, D.
I have to agree with Allie here - an adventure painted in a series of snapshots - each one revealing something different, something memorable. Esp liked the kansas stanza - original imagery that really emphasises the straightness of the road. A vibrant prologue that certainly whets the appetite. justine.
Hey everyone...I'm trying to build a body of work here based on my ideas for Part 1 and following the themes in the Prologue...maybe I should wait until I have it all fleshed out and completed, but on the other hand I value your input, so feel free to let me know what you 'really' think...thanks...Coach
What a wonderful, reckless adventure - and told in a terse, snapshot style that works so well. Look forward to the next installment. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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