Poem By Claude H Oliver II

When life gives us our first breath
Standing by is our own death
When we breathe our first sigh
We know not our destiny is to die
Life cannot be without death - you see
Life invigorates us to our core
Death extinguishes life to be sure
Yet we cannot have life fully
'Til we know death
Death and life are old inseparable friends
Wherever life is in the house
Death is near the window or door
The unity of breath and death is this
For life to live some must die
Death allows life to survive
How we address this interplay
Is the story of each life each day.


Comments about Paradox

Great paradox indeed, love the reality of contradictions they play against each other in my mind, giving it exercise it ordinarily would never get. Death extinguishes life in the end, yet our spirits continue living without ever having to face death again. A very comforting contradiction to think about. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Life is a paradox, things seeming to be contradictory but in reality it real. Great poem.
Yes, life is paradoxical and is death.Without life there wouldn't be death and the same can be said of death. Life is chosen for each and every one of us as death is chosen for each and every one of us. But we have one live a productive life. A 10+++
I find this poem very interesting. It is very simple yet full of meanings. It is ironic to think that we live to die and that death is permanent on earth. i felt sad when i read this poem. Death is really inevitable and nobody knows when our time will come. I believe that some people did not live their life at full because they die that is why i ask myself, 'did I accomplished my duty here on earth? ' or 'did I become a good person? ' For me until that will come I still have the chance to change for better and that there is still hope. As long as there is life, WE have the power to choose.

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