MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)


The gods who kill you live in you
If it was then, it is not new again.
Bad roads are the best route
Tears are good meat, eat enough.

Your wisdom was knowledge from another’s folly
It is sweeter if it is old
The taste of gall is meant for kings
Poison is the meat of men of faith.

There is joy in earth’s Hell
There is pain in earth’s Heaven
The fruit of the Garden,
The size of God
The wave of the sea
Are the mysteries of eternity.

I am wise is a fool
I am a fool is on the wise path
The poor man was once the friend of the rich
If a young man beholds ageing women,
He will not marry.

If you want madness,
Go to the market.
If you want wisdom,
Go to the grave.
All sinners are older than their age
Righteousness makes a man like babies

by macaulay akinbami

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