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Poem By Jay Kene

How can I be feeling lonely
When our earth inhabits over 6 billion!
Why this sense of overwhelming aloneness
In the midst of so many?
In physics we stand very close
Sometimes too close for comfort
Yet we all echo one cry -
I lack companionship!
A strange situation indeed
My innermost desires are those of the other
Yet we fear to reach out
We build fences
Springing from the surreal
They exist only to frustrate us
Their one purpose same as ever:
The denial of our fulfillment.
We know our essence
Yet we fail to trust in its lure
Little wonder aloneness pains even more;
Its fury is a reproach to our hypocrisy
And its fire is to purge us of fear
That fear that stifles the spirit of out-reaching
Causing us painful neuroses.
Sighs! ! ! !

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there is no fresh angle to this point. you are saying what everybody is saying. in a gist, it is a boring poem.