Paradoxical (A Parental Juxtaposition)

You look at me as a younger version of you
You make me so angry sometimes
Theres no solution or need for an argument
What's the point I say?

You walk around the house picking at things
Never thinking of moving it, to avoid the problems
Or the confrontation, which is inevitable and so...
What's the point I say?

'Do your own could be a scientist! They're calling out for doctor's! '
'But.. Dad Im quite interested in the idea of helping the needy abroad, as well as travelling...'
'Oh just do what you want to do' -The cold begrudging shoulder, and so...
What's the point i say?

Explosive mood swings, the catherine wheel, here, there, undoubtedly unavoidable to avoid
Always a wise man of reason, knows exactly what to say or do
But regardless, will not help...and so..
What's the point i say?

'I want to write, i need to provide
No insurance and the state im in, wont help me either...'
Again blatantly what a topic of conversation...
What's the point I say?

'Practice what you preach' constantly drummed into you
'Everyone's got'll get nowhere without education
Go on there's a chicko factory nearby...'
And so.. What's the point I say...

Sarcasm is anger's ugly hatred cousin, sarcasm is cynic's alter-ego.
Father's are deep thinkers, enveloped, full of the grey strands of wisdom, but often fail to act on their own demands of people

by Nikita Anderson

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